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Comic creator gets awesome augmented-reality tattoo

Sutu, the creator of "Modern Polaxis," has tattooed an image from his augmented reality comic book on his arm -- the full effect of which can only be seen through augmented reality, naturally.


Sure, you could get a wicked trompe l'oeil tattoo... but if you want to be truly avant garde, augmented reality is the way to go.

Last year, Australian comic creator Sutu Kickstarted and released an experiment in combining comics with digital media. The comic, called "Modern Polaxis," was the tale of a paranoid time traveller. It was printed like a traditional comic, but it had another level of detail. Through the free iOS app, readers could find secret messages and animations hidden in the pages.

This was achieved through the Boomcore AR technology, created by Sutu in collaboration with interactive designer Lukasz Karluk. This technology combines image recognition, keyed to particular pages and panels in the printed comic book, along with real-time animation mapping. It makes for a fascinating comic-reading experience.

And, apparently, a pretty slick tattoo.

Sutu recently got an image from the comic tattooed on his arm -- and, as he posted on Instagram, was surprised to find that the transferral from the page to human skin did not affect how it works in the app. You can check it out in action in the embedded Instagram below.

BRB, getting "Modern Polaxis" tattoos.

I can't believe this worked! #ARtattoo

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