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CraveCast: Join us for Comic-Con, the World Cup, E3, and more

The Crave crew is caught up in the games we play, from cosplaying at cons to the big games in Brazil. We'll discuss all of it in the CraveCast today at noon Pacific.

Some of last summer's cosplaying greatness. Seth Rosenblatt/CNET

School is officially out, summer has arrived, and now the real action begins for the Crave crew -- whether it's at Comic-Con or other cons across the nation, in the world of video games and E3 news, or even at the World Cup happening now in Brazil.

Join us for the CraveCast, which is live Thursday at noon Pacific, to talk about these games and some of the others we play to kick back in the summer.

We'll hear about a recent trip to Denver Comic Con by Crave's Bonnie Burton, and also chat with Crave's Kelsey Adams, Stephen Beacham, Eric Mack, and Jeff Sparkman about games and gaming -- and we'll probably throw in some "Game of Thrones" talk as well.

Watch live or after the show is over below, and send questions and comments to us on Twitter @crave and @ericcmack.

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CraveCast #3 - CraveCast game on: World Cup nerds, cosplaying, E3, and more

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