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Comic book superheroes take on world hunger

The biggest names in supervillian butt-kicking are turning their sights on famine, with DC's Justice League leaping into the fight.

Even Cyborg hates hunger... DC Entertainment

Vanquishing a single supervillain suffering from severe chemical burns (the Joker, just to name one) and suffering from clear inadequacy issues is nothing for the superheroes of DC Comics when compared with real threats like drought, famine, and widespread hunger.

For the far less sexy but far more real battle with hunger in the Horn of Africa, DC's Justice League is doing a bit of crowdsourcing. DC Entertainment, home to Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and a few other big brand name badasses, is matching donations to Mercy Corps, Save the Children, and the International Relief Project for their efforts providing relief on the ground in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

The worst drought in the area in the past 60 years is affecting 13 million people, with 250,000 threatened by possible starvation. As the Justice League points out in its appeal, the situation is so critical that the United Nations officially declared famine for the first time in 21 years. Makes a speeding, out-of-control train seem like a moderately difficult round of Sudoku.

DC says it will match up to a million dollars in donations made through Half of the proceeds from some pretty slick merchandise will also go to the cause. There was never a better reason to buy a new iPhone cover.

You can watch the full appeal below:

(Via Mashable)