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Comets, comics and Cumberbatch in CNET UK podcast 410

Mankind has landed on a comet, and as if that's not enough GiffGaff has gone 4G while Benedict Cumberbatch takes the Turing test.

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It's all comet together! The European Space Agency has fired a probe four billion miles through space and landed it on a comet travelling four times the speed of a speeding bullet -- how's that for parking?

And while Rosetta, Philae and Comet 67P are rendezvousing in the blackness of space, we're keeping our feet on the ground with the latest tech news, including the arrival of Microsoft's first non-Nokia Lumia smartphone, the 535.

And GiffGaff goes 4G, making super-fast Internet on your phone even cheaper and more accessible. Plus, we discuss whether Benedict Cumberbatch passes the Turing test in new film , and find out why Iron Man has switched allegiances in " The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron".

And we take a look at Samsung's latest projects: the wearable SimBand, Flow, and virtual reality shenanigans with Gear VR and Project Beyond.

Hit play on the video and enjoy!

Comets, comics and Cumberbatch in CNET UK podcast 410

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