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Comedy Central brings The Daily Show Headlines to Android

If you're an Android user and a fan of Comedy Central's hit satirical news program "The Daily Show," then today's your lucky day.

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For the first time, the Daily Show Headlines app comes to Android, bringing content from Comedy Central's award-winning satirical news program to a swath of additional mobile users.

This means that Android users can now get mobile access to videos of Jon Stewart and "The Best F#@king News Team Ever," up to two weeks after original episodes air. In addition to the clip archive, the app offers a quote generator, guest news, and scheduled alerts to help keep you from missing an episode. Plus, it promises viewers exclusive content, which should be a treat for the show's most die-hard fans. And any content you consume through Headlines can be shared through the built-in Share buttons.

One thing to note is you do need an active data connection in order to use the app, which is not surprising.

Unfortunately, full episodes of "The Daily Show" are not available on the app. But, considering the content that is available, plus the app's surprisingly beautiful design, that shouldn't sway you from downloading The Daily Show Headlines as soon as possible.

The Daily Show Headlines (download) is free and available on Google Play now.