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Comdex to be reborn as a virtual trade show

The defunct technology confab is finding new life as a virtual event to take place November 16th and 17th of this year.

The new virtual Comdex
The new virtual Comdex UBM

Following its 2003 demise, Comdex is springing back to life in a virtual way.

UBM, which bought the Comdex name as part of an acquisition in 2006, is relaunching the once famous tech trade show as a virtual event to take place November 16 and 17.

In the old, pre-virtual days of computing, Comdex was one of the hottest trade shows in the business. Each year's event drew in around 200,000 visitors and 2,300 exhibitors who flocked to Las Vegas for the latest and greatest technology. But as the tech boom slowed and Comdex lost its focus and relevance, the show was forced to close its doors.

In kickstarting Comdex, UBM is trying to return to the show's 1979 roots by focusing on its original concept as a computer dealer's exhibition. To that end, the virtual event will be geared toward presenting the companies and industries that sell and distribute tech products.

"The original Comdex died because it stopped serving its core customers. We are giving Comdex a future by going back to its past," said UBM Chief Executive Officer David Levin. "Our virtual Comdex is focused on serving the IT channel, value-added resellers, ISVs [independent software vendors], and all those people and businesses who make up the IT distribution system."

The virtual Comdex will be fashioned and presented like a live event. Visitors will be able to interact with online content and other participants (but hopefully no waiting in virtual lines). The show will also offer its own rooms and halls, including:

  • A grand hall of masters to highlight the keynote speakers.
  • A conference hall to present different tracks on technical and business topics.
  • An exhibit hall to feature booths from tech vendors.
  • Hospitality suites for private meetings and briefings.
  • A media room for journalists and industry analysts
  • The CRN test center with live reviews and demos of tech products.

Those interested in attending virtual Comdex can learn more and register through UBM's Comdex Web site.