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Comcast X1 boxes now let you vote for America’s Got Talent

First The Voice, now America's Got Talent has interactive voting by remote.


You can vote on America's Got Talent tonight with your Comcast X1 voice remote.

Screenshot by Marrian Zhou/CNET

Starting Tuesday night, Comcast's X1 box will let you vote for America's Got Talent with just a remote.  

Sure, you can also vote by phone or app, but now there's a handy way to throw your support behind a favorite act even if you misplace your smartphone. Comcast brought the same live voting feature to the popular singing competition The Voice last November.

According to Comcast, you just need to say "vote for America's Got Talent" or "vote for AGT" into your Voice Remote when prompted during the live broadcast of the show. (You can also press the Info button, if you've got laryngitis or something.) X1 customers can cast up to 10 votes per act during the show.

If you want to try it out, America's Got Talent will air on NBC at 5 p.m. PT and 8 p.m. ET Tuesday.