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Comcast will launch Hitz, an on-demand movie service

The commercial-free service will replace Cinemax in some packages when it rolls out in July.


Comcast will roll out Hitz, an on-demand movie service, in July.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Comcast is launching a commercial-free, on-demand movie service called Hitz in July, the company said Friday. The service will replace Cinemax in some of Comcast's packages.  

Hitz will include more than 200 movies from a variety of studios, and will be available on Xfinity Premier, Super and other TV packages, according to a Comcast representative. 

Although Cinemax won't be on those packages anymore, it'll still be available on other TV packages. Customers will also be able to purchase access to Cinemax on an a la carte basis for $12 a month.