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Comcast Voice better than AT&T landline

Digital voice sounds better than POTS, provided you have an internet connection.

NY Times is reporting that Comcast voice service sounds better than anything else, including AT&T landline and Vonage.

The differences between the two kinds of digital voice services were brought out sharply in a study released last month by Keynote Systems, an Internet testing business based in San Mateo, Calif. Placing 75,000 test calls among various phone services, Keynote found that not only were Comcast's audio scores superior to those of Vonage, but that Comcast also scored higher than even AT&T's landline service.

Of course, as Randall Stross, the author of the article notes, the service needs to be up for your phone to work.

A strange thing happened at my house, however. No more than five minutes after I typed "reliability hasn't been a significant issue ..." my cable modem's lights blinked out. No connection. No dial tone. I told my wife about the funny timing.