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Comcast launches on-demand game service

Comcast targets a multibillion-dollar industry with a service for $14.95 a month that promises a wide range of video games delivered anytime.

More than 4 million customers of Comcast's Internet service will have new options for killing time over their high-speed connections.

The country's largest cable operator on Wednesday unveiled Games on Demand, a monthly subscription service debuting with 60 titles.

The service, a collaboration with Exent Technologies, offers customers unlimited access to a variety of PC CD-ROM-based games, from action titles such as Atari's "Dead Man's Hand" to Scholastic Media's educational "Clifford Thinking Adventures" and "I SPY Fantasy" games. The service will cost $14.95 a month.

Comcast is already offering, jointly with streaming media firm Real Networks, a game service that launched in May 2003.

Comcast's technology television network, G4techTV, is planning special programs to promote the new game service.