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Comcast Digital Voice: Telemarketers included

Comcast can't seem to milk its customers enough.

I'm several weeks into my switch from Vonage to Comcast's Digital Voice. Verdict? Comcast Digital Voice works great. It has yet to go down and the sound quality is consistently excellent.

Unfortunately, I can't fully recommend it for two reasons:

  1. It has an annoying habit of knocking down my wireless connection in my house. I haven't noticed it for the past two weeks, but in the first month it was disrupting my wireless access point on a daily basis. It was easy enough to fix: unplug the access point and plug it back in. But kind of obnoxious, all the same.
  2. Within hours of signing up (with a new number, mind you), telemarketers started calling. I found out after the fact that Comcast sells its customers' data to telemarketing firms. What a nice surprise.

It's amazing that Comcast would treat its customers with such profound disrespect. I've already signed up on the US Do Not Call registry, but why does Comcast need to show such derision for its customers?