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Comcast capping bandwidth usage at about 90GB/month?

Are you a Comcast customer? Your bandwidth hogging days may be limited.

The battle for net neutrality might be in its infancy, and already we're seeing casualties. There have been murmurs that Comcast has been capping bandwidth usage on its all-you-can eat high-speed subscribers that have simply used more of their connection than Comcast is comfortable with, along with evidence the ISP has been monkeying with people's BitTorrent usage. Last week GameDaily BIZ got in touch with Charlie Douglas, a spokesperson for Comcast Corporation who confirmed that the company was indeed capping monthly downloads of its "excessive" users.

The actual ballpark figure Douglas gave GameDaily BIZ was "30,000 songs, 250,000 pictures or 13 million emails in a month." This number might not seem like a more than you could use, but as Scott Gilbertson notes on Wired's Compiler Blog, that number amounts to about 90GB, assuming you're going by the typical industry-standard song size of about 3MB. Clearly this isn't a normal usage number, as most people aren't downloading 30,000 music files, but the fact that Comcast isn't providing a clear number that's been set in stone makes this mysterious cap all the more troublesome, especially for users of Web based back up and file transfer tools.

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