Comcast adds TNT to HD channel lineup

Tech Culture

As crisp and sharp as high definition television broadcasts can be, if the programming isn't shot in high definition, the picture isn't going to be great as it could be. This is proving to be one of the major stumbling blocks in the transition to digital television--consumers get their fancy new HDTV sets home but find there aren't very many shows in HD, so they don't get that clear picture that they saw in the store. (As it turns out, many consumers don't seem to notice, but for those who do it can be frustrating.)

Gradually that's changing as more networks shoot in high definition and more cable operators strike deals with broadcasters in major markets--but it takes time. Comcast and TNT announced on Monday that Comcast will provide a high definition version of TNT to its HD subscribers. Launch dates for TNT in HD will vary as the cable company makes agreements with different broadcasters in different areas.

The timing is good for basketball fans becuase TNT carries the NBA playoffs--sports are one of the major draws for HD as manufacturers target gadget-hungry men with big-screen televisions.

TNT shows in HD are broadcasting in 1080i--referring to 1,080 lines of interlaced resolution--24 hours a day.

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