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Combining the iPad with Velcro? Looks good to us

Filmmaker Jesse Rosten demos a few of the many possibilities of using Velcro to affix the Apple iPad to things.

Filmmaker Jesse Rosten has put together a humorous and well-produced video showing what happens when Velcro is affixed to the back of an iPad. The less-than-2-minute clip shows the iPad being attached to a car dashboard, wall, window, stove, ceiling, and even the top of a motorcycle.

Of the bunch I'm the most intrigued by the application on the car dashboard, which can provide a simple (albeit unsightly) way to use the 3G version as a viewable GPS unit. It's certainly cheaper, and less permanent than some of the other ways we've seen.

See also my CNET colleague Dan Ackerman's wall-mounting solution that uses 3M's command adhesive-powered hooks.

(via LaughingSquid via SwissMiss)

iPad + Velcro from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.