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Colourful AKG Y series lifestyle headphones take on Beats

Headphone specialist AKG has set its sights on beating Beats with the Y40, Y45, Y50 and Y55 cans.

The colourful new AKG Y50 headphones. Thunert Fotograf

AKG wants to beat Beats with the new Y series of headphones, and it's using some colourful tactics to do it.

AKG is known for its high-end headphones for committed audiophiles, which usually have a price tag to match. Instead, the Austrian company says the Y range is its first line-up of "lifestyle" headphones. What does lifestyle mean? It means colourful and affordable. It means look out, Beats and Skullcandy.

The new cans will be on sale in the UK in June. US prices and release dates will be whispered in your ear soon.

The AKG Y50s come in a range of colours. AKG

The AKG Y50 boasts 40mm drivers in the closed-cup headphones, with the cups hinged to fold up when not in use. They sport a strikingly-lettered design in teal, yellow, black or red. They cost £80.

The Y40 cans offer a slightly subtler design, incorporating blue, yellow and black accents on the black livery of the mini cups. They're a tenner cheaper than the Y50s, at £70.

Both sets of cans come with a detachable metre-long cable. The cable has a remote and mic so you can make and receive calls hands-free without removing your headphones when they're plugged into your phones.

The subtly-styled AKG Y45. Thunert Fotograf

At the top of the line is a pair of rechargeable wireless cans. The AKG Y45 BT headphones connect to your phone over Bluetooth and NFC so you can listen without attaching them to your phone or MP3 player, or you can dance around in your undercrackers enjoying your tunes without being tethered to your computer, radio or stereo. Controls are built into the headphones themselves so you can turn the volume up and down or skip tracks by touching buttons on the cups.

The Y45 BTs also fold up like the Y45s. They come in black with grey trim or white with beige trim, and cost £110.

Hit the ones and twos with the AKG Y55 DJ headphones. Thunert Fotograf

Budding DJs can wrap their lugholes round the wheels of steel with the £110 Y55 headphones, which come in blue, red, black or white. And for the commute, AKG has also revealed a colourful range of earbuds, the Y10, Y15 and Y16, which start at £20.