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Colossal golf-course alligator gets brilliant 'Jurassic Park' remix

There's a new dino in the park and it's the star of a viral video showing a scaly beast moseying across a golf course.

It's been several days now and the Internet is still obsessed with footage of a gargantuan alligator calmly strolling across the grass at a Florida golf course. Headlines compared the experience to being in Jurassic Park, the fictional home of modern-day dinosaurs. YouTube user Pim Roes got right on that comparison and gave us the video we really wanted: a remix of "Jurassic Park" and the golfing gator.

There's no raptor-taming going on here. Pim Roes goes back to the source with the original 1993 film. The scene the one where Sam Neill and Laura Dern spy a dinosaur for the first time. Neill plays the scene with wonder and amazement, which translates perfectly to the intercut clips of the gator. Wisely, the dino-moaning and stomping sound effects are left intact.

The swelling soundtrack perfectly syncs with the alligator's exit from the screen. Cue "Jurassic Park" lawyer Donald Gennaro saying, "We're going to make a fortune with this place." The original gator video has nearly 12 million views, showing how much the Internet likes to be distracted by crazy animals. Seeing that honking alligator is as close as most people will ever get to feeling the thrill of a dino encounter.

(Via Neatorama)