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Color digital camera offered for $250

ACS Innovations will ship a $250 digital color camera.

ACS Innovations will next week ship a $250 digital color camera that the company hopes will take a slice of the videoconferencing and image-capture market that Connectix Color QuickCam now dominates.

The Compro Digital Color Internet Camera can be used either for videoconferencing or capturing images without the use of a separate card or power supply. The camera can capture a still image with a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels at 16.8 million colors. Motion video can be captured at 160 by 120 pixels.

ACS's camera is tethered to a PC and can be used with a notebook computer to capture images outside the office. The focus is adjustable from 40mm to infinity and scan frequencies are adjustable to avoid problems with flickering background light.

The Internet Camera package includes a camera head and adjustable stand, parallel port pass-through interface, and a drivers for existing videoconferencing and image rendering programs that support AVI and TWAIN interfaces.

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