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Collectors clamor for $1,300 Resident Evil 6 'Premium Edition'

To entice fans, publishers often include extras (like posters or statues) with games. But few cost as much as this stylish Resident Evil 6 bundle.

The expensive Resident Evil 6 jacket looks identical to this digital image. Capcom

Do you get grouchy over shelling out $60 for a video game? You might faint when you check out this ultra-rare Japanese Resident Evil 6 "Premium Edition" that costs $1,300.

Aside from a copy of a game packed full of monsters and horror, the bundle includes a replica of protagonist Leon Kennedy's leather jacket (in small through extra-large sizes) and pill cases labeled with various character names.

Japanese gamers can preorder Resident Evil 6 "Premium Edition" now, and surprisingly, preorder demand for the package seems very healthy despite the high price. Don't let the rugged looks fool you; the jacket definitely carries some swagger, but we think a local motorcycle outfitter might carry something similar for far less.

As of this evening, the Capcom e-store only offers the size-small Leon jacket package (with other sizes sold out) for PlayStation 3, while showing "low inventory" for several jacket sizes sold with the Xbox 360 premium version of the game.

How far would you stretch your wallet for a video game? Capcom

(Via Geekologie)