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Gotta collect them all! More than 150 Pokemon plush toys coming to Japan

Grab a whole herd.

Can you afford to collect all 151 plush toys of every Pokemon character?


Pokemon Go fever swept the globe when the highly-addictive mobile game launched two years ago. We'll probably get another epidemic with the new Pokemon Let's Go Switch game

And if that isn't enough Pokemon, fans can grab every Pokemon creature in physical form with some new cuddly toys. 

The first 30 plush Pokemon toys will be available on July 13 at Pokemon Center shops in Japan, according to the official Pokemon site. They'll also be available to purchase online.

A second round will feature another 121 plush toys and hit stores in November.

That's a whopping total of 151 original Pokémon character toys.

Each toy retails for $9.90 (roughly 1,100 yen, £7.50, AU$13). So you'll have to shell out about $1,495 (166,230 yen, £1,128, AU$2,021) for the entire set.