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Collab.Net names new chief

Collab.Net, a firm geared to match programmers with open-source programming efforts, has named a new chief executive.

Collab.Net, a firm geared to hook up programmers with open-source programming efforts, has named a new chief executive.

Bill Portelli, former general manager of consulting services for software firm Cadence, joins Collab.Net founder Brian Behlendorf, the company said. Collab.Net, a joint effort of Hewlett-Packard and book publisher O'Reilly and Associates, lets programmers bid for open-source programming projects that companies or other organizations want accomplished.

Portelli took over a few months after venture capital firm Benchmark invested in Collab.Net. Collab.Net will soon be bringing in money, predicted Benchmark general parnter Kevin Harvey.

"Already, in the near term, we have identified considerable revenue," Harvey said.

Benchmark also invested in Red Hat, the top seller of the open-source Linux operating system and a company whose stock price soared after it began trading publicly. In open-source projects, the underlying blueprints of programs may be freely shared and modified.

Collab.Net and its chief effort, SourceXchange, are examples of Web sites devoted to harnessing open-source programmers. Others include OpenAvenue and Cosource.

In addition to his Collab.Net connections, Behlendof also was a co-founder of Apache, a popular open-source project for server software that delivers Web pages to browsers over the Internet.

In a statement, Behlendorf said Portelli's abilities with both programmers and businesses will help advance Collab.Net and open source development.