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Cold clicks? Snuggle your hand into this futon mouse pad

Based on Japanese traditional futon bedding, this USB pad is a warm nook for your mouse and your paw. It even comes with a pillow for your wrist.

It's so warm and cozy your fingers might take a nap. Thanko

Halloween's over and done with, the cold November rain is here, and the mercury is dipping. But the gadget ninjas at Tokyo's Thanko do not rest.

They've been preparing for winter, when millions of Japanese face less-than-cozy conditions at home and in the office. Central heating doesn't really exist in Japan, so people use everything from kerosene heaters to blankets to keep warm.

Add to that Thanko's USB Heated Futon Mouse pad.

This cute twist on traditional futon floor bedding, which is, of course, very different from the Western concept of a couch futon, comes in three parts: a mouse-pad mattress, a heated quilt, and a wrist pillow.

It can thus double as a bed for your Steve Jobs doll, should you have one.

The quilt contains a flat heating element that warms to a piping hot 122 degrees F (50 C), enough to keep your mitt toasty in the draftiest of workplaces.

Thanko is selling the futon mouse-pad set for 1,980 yen ($24.60).

Never content with devising just one ridiculous USB solution to a problem, the Thanko ninjas have also come up with a mouse that heats to 113 degrees F (45 C), as well as furry foot warmers, both for less than $25.

Or you could just pick up some decent socks and fingerless gloves.

(Via Akihabara News)