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Colbert, dis-integrated

One blogger's declared "Stephen Colbert' becoming the leader in Web-TV integration." Not so fast, or perhaps not so swift.

I like Colbert's idea of doing a lightsaber fight against nobody in front of a green screen, then making that video available so his fans can fill in the opponent. Colbert even got back a video showing him taking on the bad guys in a "Star Wars" scene...then he got to show that free content on his TV show. So far, so good.

But can you find that video on the Colbert's site ? Of course not, you have to go to YouTube to see the videos fans produced. You can find segments from recent shows but not this uder-generated video. Colbert thinks he can use the Web to force people to watch his TV show? Not too swift.

Poor Al Gore's out saving the planet from over-heating but his TV channel that has been trying to integrate user content and TV doesn't get much blog action. But they do have some content you can sample on their Web site. Is Colbert trailing Al Gore in this campaign?

The winner right now: "Splah" who posted Colbert Lightsaber 2.0 on YouTube.