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Cognos buys Relational Matters

The firm will acquire Relational Matters' core product, DecisionStream, as part of the $10 million deal.

Cognos is buying itself a $10 million Christmas gift.

Ottawa, Canada-based Cognos today said it is buying Relational Matters, a Britain-based maker of tools for extracting and loading huge amounts of data into data marts.

"The success of enterprise business intelligence is becoming more and more dependent on having an integrated approach to loading and managing data marts," said Alan Rottenberg, Cognos's senior vice president of marketing and business strategy.

Cognos's main objective was to gain Relational Matters' core product, DecisionStream. The product is used to gather and then load large volumes of transactional data from such systems as SAP's R/3 with multidimensional data analysis systems like data marts.

"It significantly reduced deployment and management costs for data marts, optimizing access to key performance indicators and coordinating dimension models used for reporting and analysis across the enterprise," Cognos executives said in a statement.

The stock and cash deal also calls for Relational Matters' founders Peter Griffiths and David Griffin as well as their firm's U.K.-based research and development team to join Cognos.

The deal did not affect Cognos's third-quarter earnings for the period ended November 30. Cognos posted profits of $15.9 million, or 36 cents per share, compared to profits of $800,000, or 2 cents per share, the same time last year. Of course, last year's results include the one-time charges of $13.3 million for the acquisition of Interweave Software and $1.3 million for income tax reduction.

Revenue for the recent quarter topped $76.3 million, a 23 percent jump from the same period last year.