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Coffeemaker tells you when

The T-Fal Emerilware Coffeemaker with Built-in Scale keeps mornings moving by helping to determine the proper coffee to water ratio.

No more playing the coffee guessing game.

I don't think I have ever measured coffee in order to extract the correct brew. I am simply not capable of such calculations in the precoffee morning. It is a paradox that I find myself in on a daily basis: I need caffeine to have the necessary motor skills to have the coordination to even make a pot of coffee. Luckily, I have found a workaround. Experience has taught me when to stop pouring beans into the grinder. After eyeballing the level, I know that the resulting brew will be enjoyable for all. However, switch out my familiar grinder or put me near a new coffeemaker and all hope is lost.

This malady of morning ineptitude must be a common affliction, for there is hope in the form of a new coffeemaker from T-Fal. The Emerilware Coffeemaker with Built-in Scale makes it easy to determine how just how much ground coffee to use. The clever contraption houses a hidden scale that weighs the ground coffee and lets the user know the recommended amount of water to use.

Of course, those who like their coffee on the strong side will add a little more ground beans, and those who don't will use less. So, I suppose in a way, we are back to square one: guessing how much coffee to use. Luckily, there is a backup plan with this coffeemaker and you can always set the programmable timer the day before while you are wide awake.