Coffeemaker dresses up for more than Halloween

The Limited Edition Cuisinart SCC-1000 Swarovski Crystal 14-Cup Coffeemaker shines brightly throughout the year.

Sugar? Milk? Bling?
Sugar? Milk? Bling? Cuisinart

Halloween is a time for make-believe. Apparently, that goes for kitchen appliances, too. While it could be said that some multitasking appliances are just overachievers (that may or may not perform all of their functions satisfactorily), the make-believe in question here is solely regarding appearances. And in this case, that means a lot of bling.

Halloween is sure to bring an assortment of questionable costume choices; why shouldn't the kitchen want to get in on the act, too? The Limited Edition Cuisinart SCC-1000 Swarovski Crystal 14-Cup Coffeemaker (about $200) offers a shinier alternative to the morning routine. Decked out in a dazzling array of faux diamonds, the glammy gadget delivers morning coffee and shines all throughout the year.

The familiar appliance has all the features we have come to expect, including programmable settings and an easy-to-read digital display (despite that reflected gleam constantly shining in your eyes). It also comes with a 14-cup carafe, a gold-tone filter and is equipped with an auto-shut-off feature. Available in white or black, the coffeemaker comes with a signed and numbered Swarovski Elements label, showing us that even for bedazzled coffeemakers, the make-believe of Halloween never has to end.

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