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Coffeehouse in your house

The Breville Programmable Espresso Maker with Integrated Burr Grinder makes it easy to enjoy fine espresso at home.

Coffee culture in your kitchen. Williams-Sonoma

The corner café may be a symbol of coffee culture, but that doesn't mean it's necessary to frequent one to get your coffee fix. Any coffee aficionado is familiar with the abundance of options that exist for home brewing the magic elixir. From stovetop configurations to press pot models, if you have a preferred method, rest assured there is a way to brew it at home. For espresso fanatics, this means an espresso machine.

The Breville Programmable Espresso Maker with Integrated Burr Grinder combines all the features one would expect from any café machine. With a gauge to help find favorable extraction pressure, the espresso maker mimics coffeehouse quality. An integrated grinder prepares grounds on-demand for fresh tasting coffee, while the easily removable water filter facilitates easy brewing. An attached 360-degree swiveling steam wand froths milk for specialty coffees.

Designed for experts and novices alike, the home brewing system offers features that any coffee lover will appreciate. Shipped with both a single-wall filter and one made with double-wall construction, the espresso machine encourages experimentation. With the inclusion of customizable grind settings and an integrated tamper with pressure guide, the machine allows users of all skill levels the ability to find their perfect blend.