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Coed computing

Coed computing

Today's New York Post--not our usual first stop for high-tech trend news--reports that women are surpassing men as consumers of technology in several key categories. The article cites a report from that says "women actually outpace men in personal computer, DVD, and video game ownership." Women shell out some $55 billion a year on technology.

While most tech types think this somehow means more pink gadgets in our future, looking past the cliché shows us a trend toward "design-conscious computers and other high-tech gadgets."

According to the report, 64 percent of women in the United States own a personal computer, as opposed to only 63 percent of men, and the percentage of Internet users who are women is expected to hit 53 percent by 2008. Guys don't have to worry about being left behind, as we still lead in areas such as television purchases, and I don't see pink plasma TVs ever catching on. (Kidding!)