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Cocoons for introverts, bong not included

Furniture with embedded technology for hiding from the world.

picture of Alberto Frias's Transport pod
Spill bong water in here and you are so screwed. Alberto Frias

Sometimes you just need to hide yourself away from the world, put your headphones on, and disconnect from reality. If pulling the sheets up over your head just won't cut it, there are some first-class options out there for you.

Alberto Frias's Transport is a dedicated chill-pod outfitted with speakers, a central cushion and a colored LED lighting system capable of pulsing in response to the music (or did you just imagine that?). Prices range from $10,000 for a base model, to $12,000 for a more custom design. We already know how you could add a laser show.

For the more paranoid among us who yearn for the days of backyard bomb shelters, the Quantum Sleeper Unit is a great option at just around $135,000. Not only does the Quantum Sleeper let you completely shut out the world, it doubles as a panic room as well. It's bulletproof, fireproof, waterproof, includes biofiltered ventilation and a built-in cell phone, and it comes complete with a CD player, DVD player, video screen, computer, microwave, refrigerator, and yes, a built-in toilet (you thought you were going to have to go astronaut-style, eh?). The Web site claims the Quantum Sleeper Unit is not yet on the market, but I think the right celebrity millionaire stoner could probably get the ball rolling (you listening Lil' Jon?).