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Cobra's 2009 detectors boast new GPS abilities

The new line offers drivers long-range protection from all radar and laser guns across North America, and it includes six units compatible with Cobra's GPS-based speed and red light camera database.

Cobra XRS 9960G (click to enlarge)

My first radar detector only had a row of green and red lights and beeped when you got close to being nailed by a radar gun--awfully quaint in comparison to all that Cobra's 2009 radar devices can do. There are six new units in the line priced from $59.95 to $339.95, but the flagship models have all the new fun-fun features.

The XRS 9960G (pictured) and the XRS R10G can be used right out of the box with a GPS locator the size of a thumbdrive that plugs into a USB port on the side of the units (a feature carried over from current flagship, the R9G). This lets you receive alerts about speed and red-light cameras from Cobra's database, including what direction the alert is coming from and a picture-in-picture view of simultaneous GPS and radar/laser alerts. You can also add in up to 1,000 location-based alerts of your own and program in speed alerts to keep your speed in check.

Both also feature OLED screen (1 inch for the R10G, 1.5 inches for the 9960G), Cobra's Super-Xtreme Range Superheterodyne (S-XRS) technology to pick up on the fastest laser and radar guns, and 15-Band detection.