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CNN taps Magic Leap to give your news an interactive AR spin

The expansion will make watching the news more immersive and interactive.


CNN's app will make news more interactive with Magic Leap One.


In case simply watching the news on your TV or phone isn't enough, CNN added its app to the Magic Leap One AR headset Friday.

The integration into the headset gives you the power to "go there," CNN said, through what the company calls a "robust interactive experience in mixed reality."

If you're a Magic Leap One owner, you can use the CNN app by launching Screens in the headset. Follow the prompts on the activation screen to sign in with your TV service provider to start watching live TV. Once you're logged in, you can navigate the app with gesture control.

The Magic Leap One headset uses AR to enhance the world around you with digital objects and images. The gadget is a bit more expensive than your regular VR headset. A Magic Leap will set you back about $2,300. For now, the devices are mostly geared towards creators and developers.

"CNN's app on Magic Leap One allows the user to dig deeper into the topics they care about while interacting with news and information through a dynamic video experience," the company said.

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The app will showcase Live TV, CNN shows, CNN Originals Series and CNN Films. You can also interact with exclusive reporting, data and live video feeds from around the world with TV authentication.