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CNET's top-rated sub-$200 monitors

CNET's picks for the best monitors less than $200.

I don't like to misuse the word "cheap," so I won't. Instead, I'll just say that the Asus VH236H is one of the best monitor deals out there. Josh P. Miller/CNET

I request a lot of monitors from various manufacturers without always taking into account their retail costs. Sometimes, I'm just much more excited about posting a review of the latest, greatest, coolest monitor, than I am about the cheapest.

Thing is, most users simply don't care about the latest, greatest, coolest monitor. Most simply want something that's low-priced and does what it does (shows pictures of whatever they're attempting to display) well enough that they don't notice any problems.

I've gotten plenty of feedback lately requesting such information. "What is the best monitor for normal office work and occasional movie watching? My budget is $175-$225. ByeiiiEE!"

OK, I added the "ByeiiiEE!" but, here today, to quench your penny-pinching thirst, are my picks for the five best monitors that won't run you more than $200 (before shipping/taxes of course).

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