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CNET's top 3D monitors

CNET gives our picks for the best 3D monitors on the market.

The LG Flatron W2363D-PF is currently the best 3D monitor available. Josh Miller/CNET

If you're in the market for a 3D monitor right now, I can only hope that no one is forcing you to buy one immediately. As with tablets, the best (or in the case of tablets, best alternative) is yet to come.

This year, Samsung, Sony, Acer, and ViewSonic are doing some exciting things with computer monitors and 3D. Well, as exciting as you can get with computer monitors anyway.

In the multiparagraph text-based guide to our 3D monitor comparison, I detailed just what exciting things these vendors have in store.

That's not to say the current 3D monitors on this list aren't worth the money (a couple are), but I wouldn't recommend putting down cash for one unless you need it yesterday.

Still, just in case you are curious, here's the current comparison. Expect major updates over the coming months.

Also, more monitor reviews can be easily accessed from the monitor hub.