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CNET's latest monitor review: Now with more Acer

A look at the Acer D240H monitor.

The D240H looks identical to the H243H from this angle Josh P. Miller/CNET

Another week, another Acer monitor review. At this point I'm sure rumors are starting to fly about a possible unethical association with Acer, since I've reviewed like 20 of them in the last two weeks.

Well, not quite 20, but more like four (with at least one more coming). The latest is the D240H, and it's pretty much identical to the H243H with a few extra USB connections USB and a couple card slots. The D240H costs about $50 more than the H243H. About right, if you priced out what those same connections would cost to purchase separately.

Get more details on the Acer D240H at its full review and keep watching this Web zone for the latest monitor reviews.