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CNET's CES 2012 live streams take live-blogging to the next level

This year, CNET is live-streaming (almost) all of the CES 2102 press conferences from our CES special coverage. Sound and pictures make all the difference.

CNET's Intel live stream from this morning anchors our live blog, with CNET editors burning up the commentary below. Screenshot by Lindsey Turrentine/CNET

AT CES 2012, CNET is doing something no other media outlet can.

We're live-streaming nearly every CES press conference from CNET's CES 2012 special package along with 20-plus live blogs, then running live commentary from the CNET Stage between events. Why bother setting up the intricate infrastructure it takes to live-stream everything? Because it makes the experience of watching a CES live blog so much more complete.

Just find the keynote or press conference that interests you from our CNET list of events, and you'll see what I mean. When the live stream goes up, we embed the feed at the top of the page so you can read and listen. If you have to step away from your computer or switch to a new tab, just turn up the volume; you can hear everything running in the background. If you'd rather just watch the live streams, go straight to the feed.

Don't take my word for it. Go see yourself.