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CNET wants your best GarageBand composition

Submit your original music--done completely without instruments and using a multitouch-based audio production software program--for our crowdsourced album. The deadline is April 30.

There are two weeks left to compose your multitouch masterpiece. CC jtjdt/Flickr

Now that you've finally gotten your taxes (or your request for an extension) to the Internal Revenue Service on time, better turn your attention to composing your magnum opus for our first-ever crowdsourced, multitouch-produced music album.

The deadline is April 30 and there are just a few rules:

  1. The composition needs to be wholly your own--no sampling or remixing.

  2. It needs to be done completely without instruments, using a multitouch-based audio production software program like GarageBand for the iPad. All interaction with the software should be done through a touch screen, in other words. Adding your own vocals is OK.

  3. You need to follow the entry instructions in our original call for submissions.

  4. All musical genres are welcome.

We'll pick our 10 favorite submissions for inclusion in a digital album and CNET will promote the 10 winners' work across any and all wired and wireless tubes we can get our hands on.

Get ready to rock out with your tab out.