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CNET Video+ gives you the best in tech video, right where you want it

If you are a tech lover, and you have a mobile device, then you need to check out our free CNET Video+ app. We bring you the best tech shows, gadget reviews, and all the event coverage you live for, wrapped within an innovative new second-screen experience.

It's here! Our brand-spanking-new CNET Video+ app is now available to download on iOS, Android, and Xbox SmartGlass, and gives CNET users the chance for a rich, immersive video experience on their phones or tablets. What's extra special about this new app, though, is that it also pairs with our native CNET Xbox 360, Samsung Smart TV, and Panasonic Viera HDTV video apps, offering unique and interactive second-screen experiences to our users.

This is how you pair the CNET Video+ iOS or Android app with your TV. CNET

CNET stars, including Brian Cooley, Molly Wood, Brian Tong, Donald Bell, Sharon Vaknin, and Bridget Carey, reveal tech secrets that help you get the most out of your tech. Plus, you can take real-time polls, check out links for more information on the tech stories you are watching, use your second screen as a remote control device, or vote in real time on your favorite product, tech rumor, or latest tech trend.

Look for our CNET Video+ app logo in iTunes, Google Play, or on SmartGlass to download now. CNET

Here are just some of the cool new features:

  • All the latest and most entertaining CNET technology shows delivered directly to you in real time
  • On-demand and live video
  • Second-screen-pairing functionality, including remote control features, with your smart TV, set-top box, or game console
  • Share your favorite CNET content via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter

So where can you download this immediately?

You can check it out now on iTunes; on Google Play; and if you download Microsoft's SmartGlass app and add CNET Video+ now, you can connect with your Xbox 360.