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CNET updates TV tests, reviews for 2011

With the 2011 TV reviews season ramping up, we've introduced some changes to our test procedure. Let us know what you think.

CNET's TV reviews now include the post-calibration results in addition to picture settings. Spectracal/CNET

At CNET we've recently made some much-needed tweaks to our TV testing procedure for 2011, including the addition of complete calibration charts and a mostly new Geek Box with results of our measurements of TVs. The new review format debuted with the Samsung UND6400 review we posted earlier this week; scroll down to the bottom of this page for a peek.

Click on this image in CNET reviews to see calibrated picture settings.

A few of the new measurements we now publish include black level, primary color luminance level, and color of gray in very dark areas. The charts, courtesy of Spectracal's respected Calman 4.2 software, take it a step further, showing at-a-glance grayscale, color, and gamma information both before and after calibration.

Owners of the TV can try out our detailed picture settings, which we still publish with every review, if they want to get close to our calibration.

If you're interested in learning more, we've also updated our comprehensive How We Test document, which goes into plenty of detail about the tests and the logic behind them. And as always, we welcome your comments on TV testing and TV reviews in general.

Read the How We Test: TVs or check out the video below for more.

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