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CNET UK reviews Dell Streak

CNET UK reviews the Dell Streak, a 5-inch, Android-powered tablet and phone.

Image of the Dell Streak 5-inch tablet.
The Dell Streak straddles the boundary between smartphone and tablet computer. Dell

Editors' note: The following is CNET UK's review of the Dell Streak. Once the product is available in the U.S., we will update our Dell Streak product page with a new review specific to U.S. consumers.

If bigger is better, then the Dell Streak is the greatest smartphone in the world. But size isn't everything, and although the Streak's large screen and powerful Android operating system provide heaps of fun, it needs some more polish before it lives up to our Android tablet fantasies.

Mega phone
Is the Streak a phone or a tablet? We think it's a bit of both. Although its size means it looks hilarious when held up against your face, its 127mm (5-inch) screen has been slapped onto a slim, 10mm case, which means it's technically possible to pop it into a pocket. Unlike the iPad, the Streak doesn't feel like a pack of A4 paper that's come to life. It feels more like a very, very big phone, in the same way that the HTC HD2 did.

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