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CNET UK podcast 538: Apple's WWDC treats and Zuckerberg's casual chat

We discuss whether Apple's software updates are exciting enough and how Zuckdawg had an easy ride of things on stage in Paris recently.

Deck the Hoyles!

Deck the Hoyles!

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Apple's WWDC wasn't about fancy new hardware, slick new iPhones, or magical flying cars covered in power-generating fans like that one dream we keep having. Instead it was all about software updates to make existing products better.

In the return of the UK's best tech podcast, Andy, Katie and Rich discuss whether this is enough to keep us excited until September when the real goodies arrive. 

Also up for discussion is how Mark Zuckerberg didn't get much of a grilling about the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal on stage in Paris. Shame. 

Finally, Rich takes us through his thoughts on the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie and whether Chris Pratt makes a compelling action hero. 

CNET UK podcast 538

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