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CNET UK podcast 524: Supersonic excitement and the iPhone's 10th birthday

We look back on ten years of iPhone, get excited for the next generation of supersonic travel and explain why Google has been fined billions.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Happy birthday, iPhone!

We talk about ten years of iPhone, and the incredible ways smartphones have changed in the past decade. Kent German joins Andrew Hoyle and Katie Collins to explain what it was like writing CNET's first ever review of the iPhone back in 2007

Also up for discussion on the UK's best tech podcast is Google's gigantic 2.42 billion euro fine it's received from the EU and what that means for our Google search results and Android phones in the future.

Finally, Katie and Kent explain why supersonic air travel is so exciting -- and so expensive -- and Andy says why he really wants the Workhorse SureFly personal helicopter.

CNET UK podcast 524

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