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CNET UK podcast 509: Pope slams fake news and the best wireless headphones

Andrew Hoyle and Katie Collins discuss the Pope's views on fake news, why Andrew suffered days of rain in Scotland and which wireless headphones are worth your money.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The Pope has slammed fake news articles, likening their spread to a sexual interest in excrement.

Andrew Hoyle discusses these strong words with Katie Collins, as well Apple's iPhone troubles, why Rich tracked down the Feeder video kids and why Andy loves Final Fantasy XV just so much.

The pair also cast their eyes over their favourite wireless headphones of the moment, including:

  • The classically luxurious Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H9 (£449, $499 or about AU$759)
  • The comfortable and powerful Sennheiser Momentum (£380, $329 or AU$587)
  • The bass-loving on-ear AKG Y50BT (£115, $120 or AU$185)
  • The sleek and stylish Libratone Q Adapt (£220, $199 or about AU$372)
  • The sporty Beats PowerBeats 3 (£170, $199 or AU$260)
  • The mighty micro Jaybird Freedom Wireless (£170, $130 or AU$265)

Finally, Andy talks about what happened when he drove 1,500 miles to try and capture the best of Scottish wildlife on camera for a magazine feature.

CNET UK podcast 509

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