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CNET UK podcast 499: Hissing iPhones, GoPro's wee new drone and should Google ditch phones?

Would Google be better off out of the phone game? We ask the tough questions on the UK's best tech podcast.

Should Google spend more time on apps, and less time selling phones?

Lynn La/CNET

Google is plotting a big unveiling for early October -- but should the Big G even bother making a mobile (as is strongly rumoured to be the case)? On this week's edition of the UK's greatest tech podcast, we ask whether Google would be better off spending its time and money on AI.

There's so much more. iPhone 7 owners are reporting that their phones are producing a peculiar hissing sound, even as Apple is said to be in talks to buy McLaren -- though the British supercar maker denies any investment talks.

Elsewhere the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has a bold plan to cure all diseases, and GoPro's built a drone that fits into a backpack. Google's new Allo chat app is also up and running -- but has sparked privacy fears over word that messages will be saved forever by default.

Finally, don't miss next week's podcast, where we'll celebrate hitting the 500-episode milestone in spectacular fashion. Expect old faces, retro and future tech, and a lot of laughs.

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CNET UK podcast 499

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