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CNET UK podcast 497: iPhone 7 discussed, AirPod consternation and Samsung's Note 7 recall

The UK's best tech podcast adjusts to life after the headphone jack, plus everything else Apple had to say and the week's biggest tech news.

Once again the CNET UK podcast asks the age-old question: Would you put these in your ears?

James Martin/CNET

As the sand falls through the great hourglass, ticking away the hours, minutes and years until the end of all things, we have arrived once more at that annual hole punched in the belt of time -- the iPhone event.

This year's Apple bash was an absolute screamer, and your favourite tech podcast is on hand to dissect and discuss all the major news. From the newly glossed, water-resisting iPhone 7 (which as Luke points out resembles a featureless, squashed penguin), to the revamped Apple Watch, by way of those ear...things. OK, fine. They're called AirPods, and they might change the whole audio industry, so we'd better get used to 'em.

More importantly though -- Mario on the iPhone?! It just goes to show, if you can hold out long enough, all your dreams can come true.

You'll also hear from Sennheiser CEO Daniel Sennheiser give the company's vision for wireless tech, courtesy of a chat with Rich on the eve of Apple's event. Plus Samsung's Note 7 recall, and Sony's all-new 4K-capable PlayStation 4 Pro, the suffix of which makes it sound as if it's pre-loaded with collaborative spreadsheet software.

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CNET UK podcast 497

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