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CNET UK podcast 492: Galaxy Note 7 astounds and Britney backs Apple

Samsung's new phone throws in everything, plus the kitchen sink. In fact, you could even use it in the kitchen sink.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Samsung's massive new mobile is... pretty cool! And that blue will make my eyes pop.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Samsung's popped out yet another massive phone, but the Note 7 has made us sit up and pay attention -- underwater doodling, iris scanning, easy GIF creation? This might be the mobile to prove that these devices have a bit of creative life in 'em yet. On the UK's best tech podcast, Luke Westaway and Rich Trenholm debate the merits of Samsung's toy, including asking whether it's too pricey to battle with low-cost Android rivals.

Elsewhere, Britney's back! In a storm of puns, we try and figure out why Brit has allied herself with Apple Music for her upcoming album. In other news, the iPlayer loophole is closing on 1 September, Uber backs out of China and the Feds have given the thumbs up to a private moon mission. Will the bold Moon Express voyage earn big piles of Google prize money? Can Rich answer questions about the moon in a surprise quiz?

You can also watch Luke and Rich chat about Samsung's Note 7 strategy in the video below.

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Life, disrupted

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CNET UK podcast 492

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