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CNET UK podcast 490: British chip designer ARM sold, Pokemadness and 'Star Trek Beyond' reviewed

Is the sale of tech giant ARM to Japan's SoftBank a sign that Britain's open for business, or flogging the family silver? Plus spoiler-free thoughts on the new Trek movie, and much more.

If Spock's so lacking in emotion, then why does he insist on such natty shoulder pads, eh? Checkmate, Roddenberry.

Kimberley French/Paramount

Best Madness voices everyone -- it's... "Star Trek Beyoooond!" This week's episode of the UK's best tech podcast brings you a spoiler-free examination of the new Trek flick. Is it simply mindless action, or does Simon Pegg's script for "Beyond" encapsulate the beating heart of Star Trek?

It's not all pontificating on sci-fi future utopia though. Back in the significantly more bleak present day, British chip-designer ARM has been sold to Japanese telecoms giant SoftBank for £24.3 billion. BT's had a miserable week, with brutal outages affecting customers, and a new government report that says BT isn't investing enough in infrastructure.

Pokemon Go continues to at once ruin and bring significance to human life on Earth. Whether players are being detained after wandering onto military bases or crashing into police cars, we are still well and truly in the grip of Pokemadness.

As well as a great surprise quiz, this week's show features audio from our interview with the Hamburg Bit-Bots, a RoboCup team who introduced us to Wheatly, a robot goalie on the cusp of retirement. Hit play below to see Wheatly in action.

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CNET UK podcast 490

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