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CNET UK podcast 489: Pokemon Go, Sky goes 4K and new 'Ghostbusters' reviewed

How do you get a Pikachu to ride the bus? You Pokemon.


This caption, like all of CNET's output this week, was written while playing Pokemon Go.

Josh Miller/CNET

"POKEMON POKEMON POKEMON POKEMON POKEMON," has been the content and the subtext of all our communication this week. As the craze for Pokemon Go sweeps across the globe and into the UK, Luke and Andy take a break from training up Drowzees to bring you all the Pokenews that's fit to Pokeprint -- from privacy fears to news of a man who continued playing, even after being stabbed. We also ask how long the craze can last -- has app maker Niantic planned ahead, or will "Pokemon Go" fade from our lives like a vanishing Gastly?

Meanwhile, there's a new budget Motorola phone to drool over, and Sky has finally detailed its plans for 4K -- but you're gonna need a whole castle of cash to afford it.

Elsewhere, Rich Trenholm drops in to offer his views on the new "Ghostbusters" film, which came out this week, and we encourage you to check out our series of videos on RoboCup, the global tournament for robot football. It's great, and not just because the robots are adorable and fall over a lot.

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CNET UK podcast 489

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