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CNET UK podcast 487: Brexit's impact on tech, wine for cats and Bletchley Park in 360

We ask what ditching the EU would mean for Brits' gadgets, and bring you an immersive VR tour of Britain's wartime codebreaking nerve centre.


What could UK tech look like outside the EU?

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The UK has voted to leave the European Union, in a momentous move that will impact every aspect of British life. The CNET UK podcast doesn't deal with every aspect of British life, but we do deal with tech, so mere hours after the votes are counted, Luke and Katie talk about what Brexit could mean for our country's tech, from more expensive roaming to the survival of Britain's small businesses.

If you're already sick of Brexit talk, we've also got a landmark flight for the sun-powered Solar Impulse plane, the Queen's second tweet and -- wait for it -- wine for cats.

We've also got an interview with Ken Segall, the ad guru who helped dream up Apple's iconic "Think different" campaign, and a very special CNET feature -- a 360-degree tour of Bletchley Park, the spot where Alan Turing and his colleagues worked to break the Nazi Enigma code. Pop your headphones on and check out the immersive experience below.

CNET UK podcast 487

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