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CNET UK podcast 465: Uber beats 'bonkers' proposals, Star Wars delays and creepy vending machines

Luke Westaway and Andrew Hoyle bring you the week's hottest tech news, plus your thoughts on smart-home tech and a snack-related quiz.


The "x" stands for "x-tremely disruptive to the traditional cab market". Probably.


Uber has won a significant battle in its bid for UK automotive dominance, as regulator Transport for London has agreed to ditch proposed restrictions on the app.

Meanwhile WhatsApp has abandoned its tiny annual charge, the next Star Wars episode has been delayed until late 2017 and there's been a breakthrough in holographic butler tech.

You'll also hear Andrew argue, controversially, that "Die Hard" isn't a Christmas film. Honestly, there's no talking to some people. Happily, off the back of a vending machine that spies on you, we've got a quiz on snacks -- which should remove the sour taste from your mouth. Plus, we hear what you've got say about smart home tech.

We're always hungry for your feedback, so pop your thoughts in the comments below or drop us a line at cnetukpodcast [at] Oh, and if you've enjoyed the show, why not leave us a glowing review on iTunes? Hit play and enjoy.

CNET UK podcast 465

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