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CNET UK Podcast 287: Is the mobile phone the perfect gadget?

Bionic implants and AR goggles are all very well, but is anything actually better than the pocket-sized mobile phone?

The future -- who knows what it holds? Apart from hover cars and jet packs, obviously. The thing is though, do we actually want bionic implants and contact lenses with TVs in them showing us adverts? Could it be the case in fact that we'll never better a small screen that fits in our pocket? In other words, is the mobile phone the perfect gadget?

Join the CNET UK team as we lock ourselves in the podcast studio and refuse to come out until we've thoroughly dissected this question and the other pressing technology matters of the week.

Rich, Andy and Jason are looking to the future as we pick the top tech of the week. Jason is impressed with the Samsung ES9500 55-inch OLED TV, Andy is haunted by the HP Envy Spectre XT, and Rich fingers a phone in a glove that you print out yourself. Handy. But which bit of kit claims the Crave kudos and wins the day?

And we turn to you, esteemed listener, for your thoughts. Is the mobile phone the perfect gadget? Or would you get a bionic implant if it meant you could see Facebook out of the corner of your eye, or open doors with a wave of your hand? And which sci-fi device would you most like to own?

Whether you're looking for help and advice with your newest or oldest gadgets, or you just have something to get off your chest about the tech issues of the day, leave us a comment below or vent on our Facebook page -- it's stuffed to the gunwales with fellow gadget geeks, not to mention a fistful of behind-the-scenes glimpses at CNET Towers.

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