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CNET UK Podcast 276: Phone fiesta

Time to get excited about the brand new phones that'll rock our world this year, from Android to Windows Phone and everything in between.

In this week's podcast we get seriously excited (boy, are we excited) about the next generation of mobile phones, as we look ahead to next week's phoneageddon that is Mobile World Congress.

It's good timing, as the UK's love for brainy mobiles is reaching fever pitch, with new figures suggesting that more than half of the UK population own a smart phone. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has now sold over 20 million handsets and we're expecting a glut of exciting new mobiles to be announced that we hope will capture our hearts, minds and pay cheques in the same way.

In other news, nearly 1 million UK homes will need to be fitted with special TV filters to prevent interference from 4G signals. Apple factories have been squirreling away child workers during inspections. And the Mass Effect 3 publishers are petitioning the UK government to confirm the existence of aliens. May the force be with them in their quest for the truth.

The most popular story this week on CNET UK was our coverage of the newly launched PlayStation Vita, which incited gamers to vitriolically lambast us after we compared its appeal as a handheld gaming device with the iPod touch.

In Crave, Rich raves about a nifty timepiece gadget, the Nike+ SportWatch, Andy's hankering after the LG Optimus 4X HD, and Jason has designs on the Samsung Series 9 laptop.

We allow our immense tech wisdom to be tested to the max by answering your questions on all manner of subjects, from Lego Man Torch-shaped pancakes, to relativity and why the "faster than light neutrino" thing didn't really need disproving. Oh, and why cats are trying to conquer the Internet.

Keep your eyes trained on to stay updated on everything that happens at the 2012 phone fiesta. Until next time, adios amigos!

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